Rei Lem

After six months of talks and planning, Litho Shop will be closing it’s doors in Baltimore at the end of the month and join forces with Bill Fick’s Surper Graphic in Durham, NC. We will be publishing, contract printing and offering workshops. I want to thank everyone that has been involved and supported the shop for the past 10 years.
Other than incredible local, national and international artist that have stepped foot in here, these folks come to mind as people I want to thank:  Kim Michalac, Aron Fay, Ruth Bowler, Ariane Clarke (my beautiful woman), John Bohl, Shannon LaRue, Rei Lem, Lauren Brick, Kat Stankewicz, Mary & Steve from Typecast Press, Alpha Graphics, Perry, Emily Smith, Richard Burnham, Bill Downey, Dan Welden, Maddy Horan, Kimmy Fung, my landlords, The BMA, Bill Fick, Isabelle Geiger, Calvin Custen, Tonia Matthews, Vinny, and Duncan. Sorry if I left anyone out, which I am sure I did.
Litho Shop’s name will be dropped, and Surper Graphic will take it’s place. I’ll keep everyone who gives a shit posted! Oh, and my tumblr will remain the way it is…stupid, immature, and exciting work!!!!
Good morning 🌞

"I hold the mic, like niggaz hold their girls tight"
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